Monday, August 7

Got my crojo working...

Whilst I still have my cro-jo, some interesting, not-in-the-books, crochet links.

Symbols – worth learning these, they are much easier!

Linked stitches

Foundation crochet – never start with a chain again!

Video - this one shows UK trebles

Magic loop – ditto, but for in the round

The recent amigurimi started in most cases with 2 ch, and then 6 dc were worked into the first ch - a less fiddly version of the magic loop, I guess.

My friend M explained a really cool crochet trick at last week's meeting. You pull the yarn out from the centre of the ball and create your crochet chain, to your desired length, plus a bit, ending with a big "pulled out" loop so it doesn't come undone. Then you use the "normal" end of the yarn to start the project. You can add more chains to the base if required, and you can also undo any chains not required. It's a revelation! Just wish I'd thought of it myself, haha!

Cast on for a beach tote, really ought to finish the baby blanket first though, seeing as according to Ravelry, it was started in March 2016. Yikes!

Edit: the linked stitches link didn't work (irony alert!) so I found another site... Sorry about that!

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lzbthmcmullen said...

Just wanted to let you know that your link for the "linked stitches" tutorial redirects to Interweave's homepage.

steel breeze said...

Thanks! I found a working one! :)