Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Free pattern: CSM Adult Tube Sock


This is only a very loose "pattern" as such - feel free to improvise! Short version is below.  These socks are ideal as they have no heel so one size fits all. This is based on MarytheKnit's heelless sock pattern - credit to her for developing this pattern (you will need to be in Ravelry to read that, there's a little history of the sock). Mary's version has a handknit, conical toe to minimise wear on the sock. My version is worked on a 72/36 combo and a short-row toe is also worked on the machine. I didn't think they'd be very comfortable (with all the extra material at the ankle) but they are surprisingly good to wear. If using a variegated yarn it's a good idea to designate which colour toe you prefer when first wearing them, because over time they will wear in one place. 

Long version:
  1. Cast on in waste yarn (WY) and get knitting established on your CSM.
  2. Still in WY, remove the cylinder spring and transfer to 1x1 rib and knit a few rounds, stopping at the 3 o'clock hash mark.
  3. Break WY, tie on main yarn and pull the yarn through the yarn carrier until about 15cm of main yarn (MY) has emerged.
  4. Engage heel spring, if using
  5. Holding the yarn loop towards the front of the machine in such a way as to ensure all needles knit off, crank slowly to the 12 o'clock position.
  6. Using a hook, pull the yarn loop down between the ribber and cylinder so that it is out of the way.
  7. Crank around to just before the 3 o'clock mark, and disengage the slip lever (so that the ribber does not knit).
  8. Knit two rounds* carefully (you may need to pull down on the knitting to stop it riding up).
  9. Re-engage the slip lever, and disengage the heel spring if it is in work. Set row counter to 0.
  10. Crank 30 rounds 1x1 rib, stopping at the 9 o'clock mark on the last round.
  11. Starting at 3 o'clock, and working in a counterclockwise direction, transfer the setup to 3x1 or 5x1 rib as desired.
  12. Crank to R145** in desired rib, stopping at the 9 o'clock mark on the last round.
  13. Starting at 3 o'clock, and working in a counterclockwise direction, transfer any remaining ribber stitches to the cylinder and remove the ribber. Replace the cylinder spring.
  14. Crank to R150 in stocking stitch (pre-toe) and work your desired toe** - I tend to do an automatic wrap short row toe.
  15. Knit at least 12 rounds in WY and go back to step 2 for the other sock. 

* Selvedge - you need at least one round here to lock the cast on edge - finer yarns you can go up to 4 rounds. 

** Add or subtract more rounds here as desired

*** You can also scrap off here, pulling a large amount of MY between the needles at 3'clock, and handknit the toe later. 

Short version:

30 rounds 1x1 rib
Crank to R145** in 3x1 or 5x1 rib
Crank to R150 in stocking stitch
Work desired toe***, scrap off on WY. 
Repeat for other sock. 


Unknown said...

This is Greek to me. I am unfamiliar with some of your terminology and cannot follow this pattern.

steel breeze said...

I tweaked some of the text, hope that helped.