Tuesday, October 24

FO: Experimental cashmere bedsocks and ribbed socks

Made two pairs of socks this weekend, in a snatched 3-hour slot I had available Saturday afternoon. The red pair are a tube sock in Posh Sock Pamela yarn, colourway Secrets shiny and new, and the yellow pair are cashmere bedsocks for a friend. I think they are too thin, two ends together is not enough :(



We've established that we need a new water tank, and that is being replaced tomorrow, to the tune of just under £1200. Currently it's like having a large leaky baby in the house, whose nappy (a rolled-up bath towel) needs changing twice daily. The irony being that I'd rather use the cheap towels (because of the dust/dirt etc that is also coming out) but our "good" towels are more absorbent and last longer. Washing machine usage has, of course, gone through the roof this week - and the weather's no longer settled enough to dry things outside. Bah.

Oh, and the office air con has been playing up again. So it's very cold at work!

Current mood: cold

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