Monday, October 30

Yet more socks, and the Big Textile Show

Second attempt at some cashmere socks, these are with three ends:

Drops Fabel blues:

Drops Delight autumn shades - these were toe up and went really well!

All now awaiting washing and blocking...

Picked up this really cool skirt from Muto at the Big Textile Show on Saturday:

We made lots of poppies for a centenary event next year:

The show was lovely and some of the exhibition stuff was amazing - I did miss the quilter's guild exhibition though. Got talking to a chap from the local knitting frame museum and that was interesting - showed them how to turn a heel on a Griswold, a machine I've not used before. Completely skint, hence only getting that skirt and some felted mistletoe. Well, got to get my kisses in somehow! It was a bit disorganized re informing exhibitors where they could get free tea/coffee though - luckily we knew where it was, as we were right by it last year, but this year it was quite a walk as we were in a different building and upstairs. A pity they don't have exhibitor's passes, it would make it easier.

Sunday was the day I made all the socks - I worked out it takes 2.5 - 3 hours for a pair, and that does not include the yarn preparation. Will be putting together a post about it at some point.

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