Tuesday, November 14

Rainbow socks and a rant...


Some lovely stripey socks I made for myself at the weekend. Yarn is from Fab Funky Fibres, picked up at a show in Birmingham last year.

I made a single kilt hose for a friend's partner in Sweden, and am anxiously waiting to see if it fits him. Legs are not perfect cylinders, and measuring ribbing is akin to nailing jelly to a wall.

Alas, I am kind of between smartphones, and having taken a shot of the kilt hose on the floor (it looked ridiculously long), I immediately mislaid the photo. Too many devices - it might be on the Nikon, the tablet, or one of two mobile 'phones. Yes, after I went all stampy on my poor old LG Nexus 4 last month, I thought I was getting an upgrade by moving to a 2nd hand well-known make. For £150 (not including a new case and SD card) I got a slightly better screen and a 'phone that complains it's full already. The fact it insists on installing programs I do not want or need (FB, Office etc) which cannot be deleted/moved elsewhere is just one of its many flaws. When I do take a photo with it, the picture goes to Onedrive, where I cannot download them. So I cannot download my own photos - and yes, I tried three browsers. Download button, nothing happens. The old phone just worked. Ack! The only advantage of the new phone is I get to choose a half-decent case, my previous phone had various knitted cases as it was almost impossible to get a decent one for it.

Yeah, it's gotta go - I think I'll probably return it and change it for something else. To add insult to injury, my sleep patterns have been all over the place lately, it's gradually been getting worse since September. I drop off just fine, but am either awoken by the cat singing the song of his people, drenched in sweat (himself has decided it's time for the winter duvet), or with a dead limb. I get 6 hours sleep if I'm lucky, and I'm not even catching up at weekends anymore. The back/shoulders/neck problems seem to have returned, so that is not helping as I cannot find a comfortable position. I prefer not to drive when I am getting audio / visual hallucinations. Yup, the anxiety / SAD is back. Hurrah. Not. It's ironic - I'm going to work in the dark, and driving home in the dark, you'd think it was perfect conditions for sleep, but alas not! I'm trying to go for walks at lunchtime but it's not always feasible (and I don't always feel like it). I'm also trying to keep my exercise levels up though time is not always on my side in that department. I avoid caffeine after 3, and go to bed the same time every night - although just lately I've been dozing on the sofa which is technically verboten. I've got nothing major to worry about - it's lots of stupid little things that come up around this time of the year as the silly season approaches. I should take on less stuff in the winter months, I guess.

Anyway, enough of my ranting. I made a lovely silver scarf on the Passap at the weekend, and have made a handknit pink beret with some handspun I was gifted. I'm hand-knitting one of those frou-frou scarves with the pink mesh tape yarn, and I've got lots of ideas for little knits - ie, not complex ones! It's more than my brain can handle at the moment, alas! They will have to wait for a photo shoot!

Current mood: exhausted

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