Monday, March 26

Bits and bobs before the "storm of socks"


I took delivery of a lovely new overlocker last week, but work/life being what it is, only got to play with it in anger this weekend. Oh my, what fun! It just works, straight out of the box. I'm still trying to sell my old Singer Ultralock but as there are no takers so far it might end up going to TWAM if I can't find it a new home. What a shame - nice machine in working order but it just doesn't work for me. It might just need a service, of course...

You may recall I picked up some lovely deckchair cotton at the NEC last week - well, I made a rather oddly proportioned shopping bag with it. Yeah, I probably should have measured something, huh? And a safety note here - I should have swapped whatever needle was in the machine (probably a standard) for a denim one, because this happened, and it narrowly missed going into my eye:



I put my reading specs on after this, too!

We've been trying to interact with our overgrown kitten-cat more, so I made a 100% catnip kicker stick from some leftovers and...


...he's still not very interested in catnip. Bah.

I also finished up a pair of stripey tube socks, I knat the first one at Kegworth and I've a big sock commission on at the moment so I wanted to get this pair done:


I'm currently running a sale on my current etsy stock, two pairs of socks which will go in the charity bag in a few days if they do not sell. Please check it out! Or maybe they'll go into my sock drawer, haha! More stock will be coming soon, but by soon I mean in a month or so.

Yesterday I taught a new student in mk, she has had a stroke so no use of her right arm. It's amazing how tricky certain things are with only one hand, but she is determined! I am going to try and knit her a replacement for the ribber comb as it will be too hard for her to use the metal kind with the removable wire. Some yarn rewinding, and putting up of the chunky machine, required in the next four weeks then.

"Storm of socks" - yes, I've 8 pairs of custom socks to knit. 1 pair are on the CSM so that's 11% done I guess! :)

Current mood: annoyed with Flickr and Mondays in general...

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