Tuesday, March 20

Nec show and Wroclaw trip

Well, I had a delightful weekend. Friday I was helping out on the Guild of Machine Knitter's stand - we were well-staffed, though, so it afforded ample opportunity to browse the lovely stands. There seemed (to my mind) to be more fabric stalls than last year, and only 3-4 yarn stands (Toft, Black Sheep Wools, Neil the Knit and Stash Fine Yarns). I succumbed to two lengths of some gorgeous fabric from Lintons, and three Kwiksew patterns, and a pack of Noro yarn (it's not Kureyon for once, this one has silk). And then, my main purpose - to buy a new overlocker. I settled on a reasonably priced Juki and am excitedly waiting its delivery. Only disappointment - no exhibitor's lounge area this year despite there apparently being a bar space available in the "crapbooking" hall...


Friday night I joined some work colleagues on a short break to Wroclaw (Poland) - we were delayed getting out due to snow at the Polish end so it was 2am before we dropped into bed - very swanky executive apartment with three double rooms. I had my own (snow-covered) balcony - not sure if all that snow fell at once, but it didn't thaw all weekend as it was the wrong side of the building to get much sun. We spent a cold morning dwarf-hunting and trying out pirogie, cocktails and cake, then made a trip to a supermarket to stock up on nibbles for tea. Two of us went to a nightclub, I decided to stay in and natter with A and we went to bed around half 11 - K and L didn't roll in 'til 4am apparently! Which wasn't a problem, except that I awoke around 5am - yeah, my bodyclock doesn't care WHERE I am or WHAT day it is! By 11 I'd gotten itchy feet, so struck out to find more dwarves alone. Of course, didn't clock that no data/wifi meant no GPS and I got a bit lost - we'd taken the tram back the day before (it was only one stop) so I wasn't entirely sure of the way back on foot. Sunday night we visited K's relatives - three families on three floors in one house (sounds snug but it was a good size house) and then went straight to bed by the time we got home. All the food and chatter (most in Polish) was a bit much for my poor ears which gave up around 9pm.

Monday we managed to book ourselves manicures / beauty treatments and wandered over to find the cat cafe - not bad except for when two of the cats got a bit agressive with each other. A quick climb up to the Penitent's Bridge - one of the churches has two towers with a bridge between them and back for shellac - got a cut cuticle which is still a bit sore - then a late lunch, Polish donuts, and back to the airport. Liking the purple sparkly nails but the sore finger, not so much! Well, I think I have ugly hands anyway... :)


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