Tuesday, July 10

FO: Simple sideways crochet scarf


I made a row of foundation dc and then worked every following row as back loop only dc until the yarn ran out. The yarn is Hayfield Illusion bought locally and it was a 4mm crochet hook.

The Taos jacket crawls along slowly - I seem to be in the knitter's black hole with the first sleeve, it never seems to get any longer but will suddenly be too long I expect.

I made a start on a simple tubular scarf last night, on the KH260 - cast on 30 sts on both beds and knit until it looks long enough. Alas it was 27 degrees in the knitting room last night, so I gave it up as a bad job after about twenty minutes. Roll on cooler temperatures! Fed up of sleeping legs akimbo, like some badly-drawn space alien.

Current mood: hot

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