Monday, July 2

Knitty weekend

Well, no sitting around bemoaning being a Grand Prix widow this weekend - I had a one day MK event in Crick on Saturday, and a one day MK event in Fladbury on the Sunday. I managed to knit three pairs of "frankensocks" (socks made from leftovers) which are awaiting sewing up now up in the Etsy shop. I did a quick demo of the KH950i but it wasn't great (and it didn't play ball for me anyway!). Luckily nobody wanted DAK because I am rusty on that.

Photos here: Crick and Fladbury

The heatwave is continuing - so ironic to be even thinking of knitting when the temps are in the high twenties! Himself is back tomorrow, so one more night to make the most of having the tv exclusively to myself.




Current mood: hot

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