Wednesday, July 18

New Look 6517: shorts

Dragged myself out of the sewing doldrums long enough to make a start on New Look 6517 - a pair of shorts, squeaked out of the leftover navy and white birds fabric. They'll be a bit shorter than the pattern because of it, but, having started tonight, already I've only the waistband and hemming to do - a nice easy make! Need to dig out some elastic and some interfacing... I had to make size 22 because I've put on a few pounds this summer :(

I made a simple tuck lace scarf for the Manor House competition tonight, amidst much laughter from himself. "It's 27 degrees and you're knitting a scarf?!" Still, the joke's on him this week - his car kept overheating and has gone into the garage for a new expansion tank and thermostat. So only one of us is mobile at the moment!

No let up on the heat and lack of rain (apart from a 5 minute shower yesterday). I wonder when it's decided we're in drought officially? I notice the neighbour is watering their lawn every day despite advice not to use hosepipes - wondering if we can all drink their lawn when the water runs out? Hmmm...

Current mood: nerdy

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