Sunday, July 22

Updated needle inventory

I've updated the inventory of knitting machine needles I have for sale here - contact me if you need any! They will be going down the tip soon as I have no use for them!

It continues to be very hot and humid in the UK. I have finished all the parts for the Taos diagonal jacket (I'm using Noro not Taos yarn as the latter was discontinued some time ago), but I've yet to find the energy to sew it together. Of course, I had enough energy to start some new socks though! :)

We did a tip trip yesterday (there was quite a queue!) and I dumped a Record knitting machine. I felt rather bad about it, as it was working fine, but there's just no demand for it and if I ever need garter stitch I'll probably just use a garter bar or my garter carriage. It wasn't even worth ebaying! :(

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