Thursday, August 2

Finished or not? Bits and bobs

This is the "finished" Rowan Sigh, which is exactly what it makes me do. Not happy with the neck (and that was the second attempt!). The pattern as written is a cowl neck, that was dreadful too. Still not sure what I shall do with this, maybe a simple rolled edge neck. The yarn is cursed - everything I've knit with it has gone wrong. The rest is currently being made into charity scarves.

Halfway done with the Longitudinal sock from Knitty. I had originally intended to knit the A-Step socks from "Think outside the sox" but could not make head nor tail of the very first line of the pattern. I feel as if a whole paragraph of instructions was omitted. The sock looks small but fits surprisingly well!

Now the heatwave has passed I felt more able to sew this up last night - the Taos diagonal jacket, though the yarn is Noro Shinroku. It just needs three buttons and a bit of steaming (possibly a stitch or two to keep the collar in place) and it's done.

Current mood: tired and grumpy

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