Wednesday, September 12

Finished Obj Wednesday

Don't expect this to be weekly though, it's just a backlog of photos I finally got around to taking... :D

Tubular scarf (KH260, T6)

Grey marl jumper - not bad for free yarn! (SK840, T5)

Black chenille jumper - more free yarn. Underwhelmed with the neck though! (SK840, T5)

Pastel multi-coloured jumper - card 1 and a LOT of messing about! (KH260, T3)

There's probably enough of the black chenille and grey marl yarns to knit two more jumpers. I've got a commission for a black jumper in DK so the chunky was put away and the SK860 midgauge put up last night. Swatching has commenced - also swatched some King Cole Galaxy, which has sequins in it. Machine will need a de-sparkling after each piece methinks!

How come the first email I've had via the etsy shop in months is a rather veiled complaint from someone with a bent knitting machine part? What, do they not have Google in the US now?

And OMG Brexit is imminent (not a fan, think it's the stupidest idea ever but ho hum!) - so therefore it must be time for a leadership contest?! MPs? We should fire the lot of them. (dismounts soapbox)

Current mood: amused AND annoyed...

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