Monday, September 10


Fear not, fair reader. I have not, in fact, passed on. I've just been offline with holidays and (gasp!) machine knitting. We had a short break in Brighton and were blessed with pretty good weather (must unload the camera) and then I had a further week pottering about at home. I got three jumpers finished and made a start on two blankets - one is the ten-stitch blanket and one is just strips of sew-as-you-go. I need to take some pictures tonight and get the old Rav database up to date. I've also been plugging away on a hand-knit sideways shawl I started back in 2015 - yikes! Well, it's a LOT of rows, and then there's a knitted-on lace edging to work.

Back at work after a blissful fortnight catching up with sleep, and it's gone to pot again. Pah. Clearly, I am allergic to work!

Current mood: tired

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