Sunday, June 23

Free pattern: Easy Passap Scarf

This is a stashbuster pattern suitable for 3 or 4ply yarn. I am using it to use up lots of cone ends of yarn that has been hanging around in my stash too long. It's a great pattern if you have a motor, because 800 rows is a lot of work.

Console not required

S/S 2/2 - Cast on 1 (E6000), or set machine for N/N and 1x1 rib and knit 1 row
S/S 3/3, k 2 rows CX/CX
S/S 4/4, K 799 rows N/N
K 1 row S/S 8/8. Scrap off on waste yarn, work latch tool cast off on last live stitches.

For a skinny scarf, cast on over 80 needles. For a wider scarf, cast on over 100 needles.

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