Sunday, September 22

CSM socks

Made another pair of CSM socks this weekend at a CSM event in Kegworth, from a lovely hand-dyed yarn with twinkly bits in. Pictures when I take some! Not bad considering I had to borrow some ribber needles and a hooky tool, having left my tin of important tools at home. Whoops!

There won't be much machine knitting for the next few weeks - himself has decided to repaint the office, so the contents of that room are now in the knitting room, making it very hard to get to the machines! Hopefully it won't take too long, first coat went on yesterday. Blue paint gets everywhere!

I'm currently crocheting away on a single-bed size blanket using up yarn oddments. Knit for Peace are asking for blankets, 3' by 6' or 6' by 6'. It's warm work!

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