Monday, February 17

Busy but nothing to show for it...

Have been busy working on various craft projects, but alas nowt to show for it.

  • I'm part way through sewing a wrap top - cutting out has been done but tailor tacks etc not so much. 
  • I'm part way through crocheting a simple sideways scarf. 
  • I'm still slogging along on the spiral sock (whether I'll ever get as far as its mate is another matter). 
  • I've swatched for two new cardigans on the chunky. 
  • I've made the parts for another little teddy on the CSM, which might well get written up for sale at some point. Just needs sewing up. 
  • Watercolour painting is still going well, apart from the odd splodgy rabbit. 
  • I've been swotting up about cameras and taking some smashing shots of the sunrise whilst it still coincides with a time I can be awake.

No pictures because there's nothing really to see. It's been bitterly cold, wet and windy (but nothing on what they've had in Wales and the south). Not much impetus to go outside or start anything too complex at the moment. Roll on "proper" spring - the daffodils may be out but the temperatures are still winter's.

Move along. nothing to see here!  :)

Current mood: lethargic


nb said...

ah ha! I found another knitter like me... Matrix lover and unable to pass up vibrantly variegated yarns! looks like about 40 years between us but I won't hold that against you! Love your colorful creations and the little bears. Is there a pattern for the bear or did you just throw it on the needles? Congratulations on all your achievements, you sound super busy. I used to be until I developed a hitch in my get-a-long. Now I am knitting and waiting for Neo to make another movie!!

steel breeze said...

Yes, I was planning on sharing the pattern for a small fee. Watch this space!