Saturday, February 1

FO: another mini teddy and that Noro top

Made another mini teddy, this time entirely on the CSM. Expertly posed by my lunchbox. Arms came out a bit long, think I should use less weight or less rows, as 50mm arms are a bit long. Having said that, this little guy can fold his arms! And his legs! Also the Noro jumper to use up leftover yarn.

Realised I've got quite a lot of socks that could go on the Etsy shop. But let's face it, they're not selling even at a knockdown price, so what chance do I have of selling them for what they're actually worth to make (about 3x more)?! Oh, there's a red pair not shown, only finished those on Wednesday night. Apologies for the poor quality photos, natural light is hard to come by in the winter!

Very sad that the UK left the EU last night (and the plonkers in London even celebrated it!). Like turkeys voting for Christmas. Very, very sad.

Current mood: sad

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