Sunday, June 7

FO: Vest top

New Look K-6517

vest top

I was excited to finish this - I made size 20, but think I could have probably gone down to size 18 as it's a very loose top. Dropped the bust point by 4 cm, as trying it on made it obvious the bust was too high. I'd probably move the whole dart next time. The front neck could do with a dart really as it gapes a little. The perils of having a 38E bust but fairly normal shoulders etc. Oh, the pockets were cut from the shorts pattern before I realised that the fabric wasn't wide enough for shorts, so I just applied them to the front instead. Having said all that, it's pretty fabric that cost me a fiver for a thin 4m x 38cm strip (hence the centre seam and the reticence to unpick overlocking etc to add a front dart), and I had fun making it. The neck and sleeves are finished with bias binding kindly donated by my lovely friend C, otherwise I was going to have to improvise to finish it. I've got some on order now - I thought I might make some face masks from leftovers. I already own a bias binder maker, as yet untried, so that might be my next project.

The weather has dropped ten degrees and it's cold enough to wear jumpers indoors, so not sure when I will get to wear this. The garden desperately needs more rain, but the unsettled weather kept us indoors this weekend and with the heating on (we've weeding to do, and more box to plant). I'm afraid I moped about quite a bit this weekend, put the sewing machines away, got the weaving loom out but then lost the urge to go hunt for the weaving yarn that goes with the project. Ended up binge watching some television we'd recorded last Christmas - "Anna and the King", and some historical documentaries. We did end up popping to Mum's - her "new sitting room" being deckchairs down the side of the house in the covered entryway - and dropping a birthday present to G's brother, sitting in their extension with the doors wide open. Best we can do in the circumstances. I miss talking to people other than my sweetie, lovely though he is.

This week I might just have a bit of a sort out in the craft room, get some things on Ebay, and have a go making some things on the Passap. It's about time me and the Swiss Miss bonded properly.

Current mood: a bit mopey

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