Tuesday, July 14

FO: face masks

The time has come the walrus said, to talk of many things. Of shoes and ships and face masks, and cabbages, and kings... (apols. to L Carroll)...

Well. If you'd told me in January that I'd be sewing face masks for myself and my partner I'd've laughed in your face. Fast forward to July and we're both wearing them whenever we're indoors in a public place - so basically, when out shopping, because that's pretty much the only place we go lately. We get odd looks - well, you see a sudden sharp flicker of "Oh!" in someone's eyes, before they shut their faces down and their eyes slide off you, as if acknowledging your face mask makes them feel guilty. Well, so be it! It's not just some silly 'flu invented by the media, nor some conspiracy theory devised to silence you (yes I've seen THAT on Facebook today) like something out of the Handmaid's Tale. I mean, come on, conspiracy is one thing, but a world-wide one?! As human beings, clearly we're just not THAT organised! Unless you think it's a worldwide conspiracy to kill ourselves off by being meat eaters, in which case... maybe! But we brought that onto ourselves. I went on a mostly plant-based diet at the start of lockdown, did I mention that? Not been all that hard and the weightloss is an added bonus...

Anyway, I made some last week out of some leftover fabric Mum gave me - she didn't like the colour, but I actually loved it, despite not being a lover of green normally. So I look daft? I'd rather that, than face-down for three weeks in an induced coma, with a pipe down my throat, other machines servicing the "other end", with the possibility of long-term health problems or death at the end of it! Yeah, I'll wear a mask. Ironically they force me to limit my exposure to the covidiots because they make me a bit warm so forcing me to focus, stop browsing and get on with whatever it was I came into the shop for. How can that be a bad thing? And for all those saying "Bad for you, pleurisy, asthma...!" etc - I don't see surgeons dropping like flies because of wearing face masks during operations. If they wore them full time, then yes, maybe. Plus we know how to treat pleurisy and asthma. Covid, clearly not so much...



G is happy with the fit on his, mine needs a pleat under the chin. Clearly, he has a manly chin and I do not! :D This pattern was given to me by an old school friend, I might try the one with a seam down the front next, see if the fit is better. I am using hair elastic for the ears and twisty ties for the nose wire - might need to double up or triple up on the wire.

I've got some crochet lap blankets to post but it'll have to wait as I've not yet taken a picture of them.

Current mood: annoyed with covidiots

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