Thursday, July 9

FO: test socks



Second one is sporting safety pins as two stitches were dropped and not spotted until it was too late to fix. Second sock is a heel flap one, neat but a bit of a fiddle - you have to rotate the knitting 90 degrees to pick the heel flaps up, then rotate it back to complete the foot. Good practice with the decker combs anyway!

I am feeling very 2D at the moment, like a cardboard cut-out of my real self. I don't feel that I have much I can talk about with people, because I've done little other than the odd supermarket run which is hardly very interesting, and of course the knitting, sewing and gardening. I really do hope I'm more than just a transparent human, only defined by my consumerism - what I buy and where I go. Hmph. Other half is keeping it interesting with various vegetarian dishes. He made lentil and cabbage curry last night, which doesn't sound promising, but it was actually pretty tasty. Things did feel a little more normal on Saturday - a wander around WHSmiths, and a lemonade at a cafe - but otherwise it's same old same old. Home is now quite comforting I suppose, going outside still feels pretty scarey. I must admit I think I prefer my cosy little home office, plus there's a much better choice of food options at lunchtime.

Current mood: indescribable

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