Monday, October 26

Cosy prisons

My sleep's been shot lately - partly due to the events of the previous post, and partly because a close relative has tested positive for Covid. Makes it more real when it's someone close - they suffer from asthma so that delayed diagnosis a little. They work in education, and are not required to wear a mask in the classroom - neither are the students. Ridiculous - it was almost bound to happen. Scary times. Couple that with night sweats and I'm geniunely surprised I'm as upbeat as I am today. Maybe because the sun keeps popping out, and I was treated to a few rainbows on the drive into the office?


This was the first attempt at a simple cabled sleeve on the Passap - it's impossible to see the cable cross once done, one has to feel for it. Another area where Japanese machines have an advantage. Clearly my fingers need to learn to read as there's a mistake near the top. I had planned to tink it back to before the mistake and try again, but I've decided I don't like the way I've done the increases either. So it's waiting to be rewound for attempt two. The gutter stitches are transferred onto the back bed, and black strippers are used throughout. To make it possible to cross the cable, I brought an empty back bed needle in immediately before each cross and then dropped the newly-created loop. I'm doing the crosses every six rows, because the increases are done every six rows and it's just easier to do it all at the same time. Or so I thought! 

In the meantime, I picked up some scraps of fabric and a packet of Xmas-themed fat quarters at the weekend, so there's more sewing happening. I also measured the Cog for some shorts and a t-shirt I'd planned, though I doubt the t-shirt will be done in time for Halloween. A pity, 'cause the fabric is skeletons!

We're both trying hard to stay positive despite everything - lockdown seems to be approaching us from both the NW and London like some sort of apocalypse. This weekend we finally replaced the bulb in the outdoor security light, and I planted lots of narcissus and tulip bulbs. Tulips are my favourite flower, possibly because they bloom roundabout my birthday in March. It felt good to get some jobs done, even though they are minor. We need to learn to love our cosy prison for a while yet methinks. 

Current mood: okay

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Knittedbrows said...

Liking this cabled piece. Oh and i'm with you , with the night sweats they are horrible !