Thursday, October 15

FO: Sari silk bag, fingerless gloves, environmental and ethical problems.



More stashbuster projects. The sari silk bag was started in 2013 according to Ravelry, must be some kind of record. I finally finished sewing it up, it was a bit of a fudge and involved some cut and sew. I added a moss stitch flap from DK acrylic. I was really pleased with it - and then a well-meaning friend pointed out that recycled sari silk isn't vegan. Acrylic is environmentally suspect too, although in this case I've no intention of washing the bag so that's a moot point. Most of my stash is either acrylic or wool and was all bought or given to me before 2020. I am working on getting rid of it by knitting it up into "donatable" items - surely it's even more heinous to just throw it away? Sigh. I'm terribly conflicted over it all now.

The gloves are leftover yarn from last year's Christmas jumper. I had plans to knit a ski style jumper this year (with fairisle) but there's not much chance we'll be in the office to be having Xmas competitions, so it's just down to whether or not I can drum up the enthusiasm. I found the cream lambswool recently, the navy must be in the same place I guess. Not that I knit jumpers just so others can admire them, you understand - but I'm at an age when I get hot just drinking a coffee, so jumpers get taken off a lot!

The whole COVID thing is starting to get to me now - I think I'd welcome another total lockdown for a few weeks, if it meant xmas could be somewhat normal. I worry Mum will be on her own this year. I'm not sure I can cope with another 12 months of this, but I guess we all have to. I'm trying to stay buoyant - the autumn colours are just lovely at the moment - but it's a struggle. Watercolours over Zoom is fun, but lonely - I can hear the "in person" students enjoying chatter, but I can't hear enough detail to join in their conversations. It's surprisingly lonely, like being a ghost in the room. I feel like a duck - serene on top, paddling like mad underneath.

Current mood: sad

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