Saturday, October 17

Beginner's dilemmas

So I've got a copy of Metbury's "First Choice for E6000" book. It's a beginners book, which talks you through getting started on your E6000. Except - I fall at the first hurdle. They ask you to knit a tension swatch at ss 2.5 using all needles on both beds, using a 3ply yarn such as Bramwell's Duomagic (discontinued) or two ends of 2/30s yarn. I can do this - but it's like pushing a rock uphill. Way too tight! You measure your 100 row swatch - the aim is to get a height of 7.4 or 7.5 inches - and keep trying until you match this height. I managed to knit swatches at ss4 and 4.5 - too tall to match the gauge, but at least they didn't risk breaking my wrists or the machine to work. 

Kathleen Kinder recommends between 4.75 and 5.5 for K/K rib in 3ply. That's one heck of a difference. I had a quick look at a George Le Warre book, but he only gives stitch sizes for 1x1 rib and stocking stitch. Either it's a misprint, or they had a very loosely knitting machine! Disappointed that if I want to use any of the patterns from this book I'll have to do a major amount of recalculation. Not a great start!

On the positive side, getting the stitch size correct has meant the machine does a single-bed cast on a lot better. I was always of the opinion that the Swiss Miss didn't like casting on single bed. Turns out it was all operator error!

I've knitted the back of a lambswool jumper. Despite swatching, it looks way too big (even though I expect some shrinkage in the wash). Oh well, best to stop now and recalculate, than forge ahead and make an unwearable jumper! 

Owing to a mix up, it appears the cat was accidentally left out all night last night. Not a problem, but there seems to be no sign of him this morning, and it's almost 11am. I do hope he's ok, he's a homebody normally. 

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Knittedbrows said...

I'm slowly getting used to my Pfaff 6000 and yes it is all very confusing. I'm now beginning to go with my own instincts and have been reasonably pleased with the results.