Thursday, October 1

Free pattern: Simple Passap scarf


Many thanks to Israelmeesterkat from Herman Hills Farm for suggesting this technique when I was struggling to knit a blanket. The yarn used is a fine 2ply HB acrylic of unknown origin.

Cast on 2 (K/K) over 60 stitches on the front bed and 61 stitches over the back bed - ensure both end stitches are on the back bed, to get a neater edge. Program stitch pattern - I used 1022, 1026 and 1023, with tech 138 (N/KX), which is a two-row tucking pattern. I realised after taking the first one off and not making a great job of the cast off, that it was just as easy to seperate them with ravel cord and keep on going. I only stopped because my partner came home and it was getting late! I used "woolley" (magnetic) weights to hold the knitting down once it emerged beneath the V beds. 60 stitches makes quite a wide scarf, 40 stitches makes a skinnier one. 

  1. N/LX ss 2/2, K 1 row (Duo N/N)
  2. CX/LX ss3/3, K 2 rows (Duo CX/CX)
  3. N/LX ss4/4, K 1 row (Duo N/N)
  4. ss 4.5/4.5, RC000. Optional: you can either knit 10 rows in N/N here for a plain edge, or go straight into your chosen stitch pattern. K to RC600. Adjust the length here for a longer or shorter scarf.
  5. Optional: if you started with 10 rows N/N, knit a further 10 rows N/N here. 
  6. Transfer all stitches to the front bed (double up on the last needle).
  7. Bring the empty back bed needles back into work and knit 1 row N/N.
  8. Break main yarn and secure under the mast (lock will be on left). Drop the newly-created back bed loops and return BB needles to out of work.
  9. Rethread empty eyelet with ravel cord and knit back to the right.
  10. Either scrap off on waste yarn, or cast on again for the next scarf by bringing the BB needles back into work as before and going back to step 1.
  11. When complete and off the machine, use the latch tool to crochet the cast off loops through, and remove ravel cord. 

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