Thursday, October 1

Return of the mojo

Well, you'll see all this and think I'm some sort of production line. Not true, this is just some stuff I made in the last few weeks that I didn't get around to photographing. My helpful phone ran out of space and had me delete some photos it assured me it had backed up online. Not true! Luckily nothing important was lost, I can always recreate craft photos!


First off, the disastrous Norfolk blanket - wibbly overlocked edge on the left. It's lovely, smooshy fabric. I have not decided what to do with this yet!


A simple chunky ribbed hat in oddments from my usual pattern.


A simple DBJ hat, loosely based on one from the Metbury "Bitty" book. Mental note, K/K rib in a 2ply really doesn't have enough body for a hat brim, but I learnt I can program any of the DBJ techniques as a stitch pattern for a plain DBJ that will match the patterned part in weight.


A work colleague requested plain blue face masks for her son, and these came out of an old pillowcase that had lost its mate.


Now, these scarves were a revelation last night - many thanks to Israelmeesterkat for suggesting technique 138, a simple two-row tuck. I played with different tuck patterns but like 1023 the most (alternating diamonds with a central line of tucks running up the middle). I'll write this up as a free pattern I think.


Posting these last though they're the oldest, one of the missing photos - home-made face pads from a scrap of Peaches N Creme found in the stash. Pattern here. So very cheerful! Always end on a high?! :D

Current mood: enthralled. Finally things are clicking with me and the Swiss Miss!

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