Tuesday, September 29

Existential dread

The mojo's been lacking lately. Reached my fill sewing face masks, hit a wall on my ongoing knitting projects, stripped that baby blanket off the Passap in disgust after a few fruitless hours trying to get it back to a "good" row. It's hard not to be wearied by the continued lockdown - I think we're all getting cabin fever now! Nothing but winter and crashing out of the EU to look forward to. The light at the end of the tunnel's an oncoming train.

But we keep on keeping on, because what else is there? I decided I'd stop mentally beating myself up for not producing wonderful masterpieces after reading this, late last week - the aim is not to stress over WHAT is produced, rather, I should just keep on creating something, anything. I took the new hoover to the Passap and gave it a good clean. I made a hat out of oddments - that's the last of the marble chunky out of my stash, made an ok hat with a terrible cast off on the Passap - and started some simple garter stitch gloves out of more yarn leftovers. And do you know, it worked - all of a sudden, the creative mojo is back, with wild plans! I'll get the sewing machine and serger out tonight and fix a few things that need it, and I'm going to try again with a baby blanket on the Passap, but maybe a more simple one. Miss Swiss does seem to be very picky on stitch sizes.

I notice when my mood is low, Mother Nature always has something up her sleeve to surprise me. Yesterday my partner and I are certain we saw a young deer on a local path on our early morning walk - it was too big for a dog and anyway nobody was with it - of course, it was gone by the time we got a little closer. If the Cog hadn't been with me I would have sworn I'd imagined it. Last night we went to a drive in movie - my first ever - which was interesting (the movie, "Unhinged", was quite violent though). We finally visited a local food shop (Wild and Free) and discovered a treasure trove of vegan foods right on our doorstep.

Joy in the little things. The bigger things will take care of themselves eventually.

Current mood: apathetic but persistant

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