Tuesday, September 15

Machine knitting - definitely not cheating


Some finished Passap scarves for the charity pile, 60 sts and as many rows as I felt like it. There was a row error in the rose one alas. Oh well, after an hour of trying to get to the correct row I gave up and carried on.


This is an interesting pick-up pattern I found in an old MK magazine - 3 Ns in work, 2 OOW, knit 8 rows, pick up every other three from 8 rows down and hang on live needles, repeat, alternating the pick up groups.


Another interesting technique, two rows of fine yarn or overlocker cotton, 11 rows of main yarn, pick up three stitches in the fine yarn and rehang them 9 stitches to the left, K1 row MY, repeat (but hanging the other way).


And this photo I will show to anyone saying machine knitting is cheating. 260 stitches, 350 odd rows into a tuck stitch baby blanket, and the yarn snaps. Should I rehang or give up and serge what I can rescue? As access to my knitting room is still severely limited (himself rarely leaves before 6pm though is only paid to 5pm) this just puts the tin hat on the icing, as it were. Also annoyed that my partner doesn't seem to listen to anything I tell him or ask him to do, starting to feel invisible in my own house  now. Gah. Oh well, at least I've more brain power than a lot of folks down my local supermarket. Lots of families and couples. Surely some of them could shop alone and reduce their covid exposure? Do they hate their children, or just not trust their spouses to shop alone? Oh, tonight we had one lady with a very dangerous chin (mask not over her nose). I actually hung back in the end as I kept passing her on the aisle, and it was SOO tempting to say something snarky.

I used to like shopping, but covidiots and the restricted vegan diet have put paid to that simple pleasure. Bah!

Current mood: angry and HOT (it's gone 8pm and it's 25 degs C and sticky).


Sherry said...

I love the rose scarf. I haven’t used my Passap for a while but this inspires me to do so!

steel breeze said...

Thanks - it's just straight out of the stitch pattern book! :)