Tuesday, September 1

More sewing

I had a lovely day out with Mum on Saturday. Hard to believe it's been 15 years since Dad passed away, and it would have been their 50th wedding anniversary too. After a quick visit to the crem, we went to Kenilworth to see where Mum used to live. Some of it has been knocked down. We had a picnic lunch in the car with the door open, the weather not being great, then carried on into Leamington Spa for some retail therapy. I picked up a lovely jumpsuit in the sales, and some oddments of nautical fabric for "manly" face masks, plus some funny skeleton fabric to make a shirt for G from the haberdashers. When I got home, I spent the rest of the afternoon and most of Sunday making up facemasks. I also cut out pieces for another fat quarter top, which I finished up yesterday afternoon. I'd offered to work yesterday, thinking my partner was going to be busy all day. The engineers I was working for (in the US) gave me mixed messages about whether I should work or not (it being bank holiday, the last this year) so I did a chunk in the morning that I was confident would still be useful, and left the rest. We popped into town for lunch and I bought more hair elastics for the ear loops.




I used two packs of fat quarters to make up this top, and alas didn't quite get the v in the centre (I sewed from the wrong side) nor the horizontal joins matched back and front. But I don't care - it's colourful and loud and combines two of my hobbies, sewing and music. What's not to like? Oh, it's probably not visible but I dyed my hair turquoise a few weeks ago for fun. It's only a semi-permanent and has faded a bit anyway - I might try pink next. It was a gag xmas gift I had in the cupboard - we don't do video chat much so I figured no time like the present!

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