Thursday, August 27

Summer's cancelled


I nicknamed this "Summer's cancelled" because, well - summer's over, looking at the wet weather outside today, and I doubt we'll get a sunny beach holiday this year now. You may remember I bought this cheerful fabric at the start of lockdown. I've also got matching facemasks, haha. It's the thing, this season, haha! Really love it, and I don't usually wear yellow.

Status is exhausted - got minor toothache on RHS, but am only able to eat on that side as the LHS upper feels weak (a possible fault in a filling). Alas, dentist has yet to reopen so I can't even get in just for an x-ray. I'd love to think it'd help with weight loss, but alas I can still eat...! I could go private, but £200 excess just for a 5 minute x-ray feels like daylight robbery...

Current mood: exhausted


Knittedbrows said...

Loving the top

steel breeze said...

Thanks! I never think to wear yellow but this just cheers me up every time I see it! :)