Tuesday, August 25


Well, my little scarecrow only came fourth - the winner was one that one was called "Lucky Number 7" and was actually a number 7 - looked like a pinata with sunglasses on. Fair enough I guess - I can't take credit for the sheep as they were made by the lovely Cricknitter, but I did make an effort to decorate the garden too. I wonder if the ones clearly made by children were seen to be better?! Gosh, I'm just competitive I guess. There wasn't even a prize...

It turns out I have been putting the nose wire on the wrong edge of the Olson facemasks I've made. Cue some careful ripping out this weekend on the ones where the fabric pattern didn't have a direction. I think they fit equally well either way but apparently the "curvier" edge is for the nose and not the chin. Cricknitter has made a mask from this Stylearc pattern , so I had a go below - I forgot to add a nose wire before I topstitched it down. It's got interfacing and no filter pocket, but it's easier to talk with it on. Trust a sewing company to come up with the best shape yet.


After I'd used most of the yellow tropical fabric up in facemasks, I finally made the second garment up (had cut it out about 2 weeks ago, it's been draped over the armchair ever since). Yes, totally the wrong way to do it, as if I'd cut any of the facings out incorrectly then it would have been a disaster.


Sorry for the poor photo, it's wet and grey out today. Will take a better picture when I wear it, probably tomorrow. I have nicknamed it my tropical top - as G is now working 'til the end of October, it's the nearest I'll get to beachwear this year I guess. It's a Prima pattern I've used a few times before, went down a size this time so that it is less loose on the neck (and as a reminder not to pack on any more weight WFH). I have started another one using pieces of the lovely fat quarters I picked up last weekend (previous post), should have bought two matching packs of course, oh well never mind! I'm also going to have a go at making a shopping bag that packs away into its own little "purse".

Sorry there's no knitting content - as himself is WFH in my knitting room 'til gone 8 most nights I have no brain power left by then to leap onto my machines, much as I would like to!

Trying not to take it too personally that a close colleague has pretty much stopped getting in touch with me during our extended period of WFH (and indeed, prefers to stay away from the office). I'd take it less personally if they hadn't also unfriended me on FB. It will be interesting to find out why tomorrow. I've come to realise that I can only really rely on myself, Mum and the Cog for support, though a few lovely people at work have kept in touch and of course there are the lovely Coventry Knitwits. Covid has taught me a few hard lessons and they're not ones I ever thought I'd need to learn. Sigh.

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