Monday, November 2

Bad things come in threes...

Well, let's hope so. Seems we can't catch a break with our respective birthdays this year - the mini hotel break we rebooked from March for my birthday, to November, for the Cog's, has been cancelled by the second lockdown announced at the weekend. The timing also prevents us from having any outside parties join us for fireworks night this weekend. Add to that, I've realised I've offset the cable on the second sleeve by ten very noticeable stitches, some sixty-odd rows along - and I'm struggling to see the funny side this week! Oh well - at least no monies are lost when the hotel cancels on you. I don't really see any point in rebooking anything at the moment. It's hard to find anything to look forward to at the moment, when even Christmas is looking decidedly shaky. 

And it still leaves me with the unenviable task of acquiring a small gift for the Cog - never an easy matter any year - with only the supermarkets open as of Thursday. Whilst I welcome getting this pesky virus under control before the depths of winter, I do wonder why it's not already under control. The Cog and I hardly go anywhere and have exercised as much caution as is possible under the circumstances. Track and trace clearly isn't working - a close relative has tested positive and her live-in partner has yet to be informed. Going by that, there's no hope for any of us any time soon. 

I think I will be working on my introvert skills this winter - staying in lots and watching lots of tv. I better get some knitting projects on the go, the kind that don't require too much concentration. 

Current mood: cynical


Knittedbrows said...

What a pain with the cables. I have a B**g!r bag for some of my knitting and i have to be in the right mood to unravel it! We missed out on our 40th wedding anniversary holiday and have now moved it forward to next May as, there was no way they were going to refund us. We have now decided to write this year off and make "loose"plans for next year. Take care and keep crafting.

steel breeze said...

I love that idea, actually - a place to put "knitting that has cheeked me" in timeout! :D