Thursday, November 5

Big girl pants

Apologies for the tone of the last few posts. I'm one to wear my heart on my sleeve (or blog, in this case). The sun is shining today, and it's one of those crisp autumn mornings that make the heart sing. Ok so it's also highlighting the fact that this window needs a darn good clean on the inside, but I am going to practice focussing on the positives today. The £2 geranium is flowering a THIRD time! At least it will if I remember to water it, haha. So I am putting on my big girl pants (oi, I'm only a size 14, thankyouverymuch) and making the best of it. Plenty of other folks are in worse straits than I. Covid and lockdown is wearisome, but having the internet makes it much easier to tolerate - at least there's a lovely community of fellow crafters at my fingertips if I need them. Not quite the same as having them in person, but it'll do. 


So this happened on a lace stole I was working on - somehow I lost a stitch when I started the last repeat, and didn't spot it for six rows. The whole lot has been frogged - it was yarn that was given to me but I'm not really a lace stole/shawl wearer, despite admiring the loveliness and technical ability. I think the yarn will become some sort of tuck lace scarf but I will knit it on the Passap which is actually less likely to mistakes than I am! :) 


Oh, and this is what Eddie thought of the cat basket we rescued from the shed and washed just for him. Nope, nopetty nope... This is the Cog's side of the bedroom, my side is much less tidy! 

The Cog has decided that we will cook Thai-Chinese on Friday night and that I am to pick the nationality of the meal next weekend. He said it was either Thai-nese or Chai. Hmmm... He's been my rock throughout all this, always helping me to see the funny side and not averse to buying me chocolate or a Ramune soda when he knows I'm down. Trying to resist the urge to release that tempting glass marble though... I love shiny things! Apparently there's a katsu-flavoured soda? Sounds terrible! He also wants to save the fireworks - no idea what for. I may get the sparklers out despite him! Do fireworks have a "Best Before" date? The office has instigated a "steps" challenge this month, so we are trying to get more walks in whilst the weather is fine.

Hugs to you all, stay safe, and rock those masks! Bonus - they keep your nose warm when it's chilly out!

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