Friday, November 13

One foot in front of the other...

Well, four sleeves and three backs later and I have enough parts I'm happy with for a lambswool sweater. Yes, there's been some frogging. It never ceases to amaze me that although I'm great at passing my MK skills onto others, I rarely seem to be able to take my own advice re swatching, measuring, taking my time to double-check things. Must be the smell of the yarn - turns me into a bull in a china shop! Perhaps it's because I have to be precise and detailed as part of my job, and my subconscious rebels when it's "my time". Who knows? 

No pictures to show yet as the next task is to join one shoulder, sew and cut a neck hole and apply a neckband, then finish up the garment. I hope to do most of that this weekend, though if the weather's fine I will be making the most of it outdoors.

  Cables on the Passap

I just wanted to share a picture of how I did the cables - I added a "sacrificial" needle every 5th row, and then dropped it to do the cable. The machine is at half pitch so there are two needles for the cable "gutter" - any other way and it was too tight / left an unsightly gap. Doing the transfer on odd rows meant it was impossible to forget which way I was crossing - the first cross of the centre two stitches was always towards the lock. Genius! 

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