Friday, November 28

Pointy hooks

Well, I have been trying to find pointy crochet hooks for more experiments in slip stitch crochet, but have drawn a blank. The local shops only seem to stock metal or plastic ones, of which I already have plenty, and the bamboo ones they did stock, did not go large enough. So I ordered a bamboo 6mm, 8mm and 10mm from an Ebay seller (Adam-Venture) yesterday dinnertime, fully expecting to have to wait until Monday's post to see them. They arrived first thing this morning!

They are beautifully made, it seems such a shame to take sandpaper to them, but that is what I will de doing this weekend. Not immediately, though - tonight we're out for the Cog's birthday (he's 37 on Sunday) and there is a table booked at a chinese restaurant. There may also be real ale drinking later on. Yay! No news yesterday on the Cog's job, turned out to be good news, so we can also celebrate the reprieve, if only for now.

Yup, the UK economy is going to hell in a hand-basket. Luckily I have enough yarn to keep me occupied a few years yet - I'm not quite at SABLE status yet (Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy) - so if the worst comes to the worst and we have to switch the heating off, at least we can wear lots of jumpers and hats! :D

Oh, and I've yet to start xmas shopping. This is Not Like Me. I have only a few ideas and the weekends are flying by far too quickly, so goodness only knows what will happen. Methinks I need a Plan.

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