Tuesday, February 22

Oh Mr Postman....

Look what the postman brought me today!


Four cones of Elmore Pisgah Peaches n Creme yarn, and "Think outside the sox". Apologies for the poor colours - my mobile doesn't have the best camera so it's the closest approximation I could manage with Paint Shop Pro. The colours are shades of blue, fiesta (neon colours), a mix of pink, lilac and green, and a mix of baby pastels. For those of you not in the know, the inventory and machinery is being shipped off to Spinrite in Canada - not sure what they are planning to do with the kit, but the Elmore Pisgah factory is closing. It's such a lovely yarn, it is such a shame. They are having a sale, so if you love this yarn, better move fast.

I keep seeing the "Drip candle socks" everywhere on Rav so wanted the pattern. There are lots of other lovely sock patterns in the book, too - sideways ones, entrelac, lacy. I think this could keep me occupied for quite some time.

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