Wednesday, October 19

FO: charmed things and the dress again

As promised, some shots of the dress on me - why yes, all bloggers are headless! I could do with adding something to the neckline to keep it attached to my bra, the neck is a bit big.


I decided to use the charms to add some bling to my bag - I spotted a designer bag in Selfridges once that had all these charms attached to it and thought, you know what? I could do that for a lot less money, and they could be things personal to me. So I did!

Love themed

Keys, crucifix, heart, scissors

You'd know it was my bag anywhere with all those badges!

The parrot is a gift from a work colleague, the heart was a souvenir from Iceland (about all I could afford, haha, and it turned out there's a branch of Tiger in Coventry anyway), the sheep keyring a present from my sister and the scissors a freebie with a new overlocker case.

Of course, as soon as I tried to convert my Passap swatch into a proper hat, everything went wrong again, so after two hours trying to get something sensible out of the machine I gave up. Ms Passap just isn't happy doing single bed tuck, so no hat, and therefore no competition entry for me. Bah.

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