Wednesday, May 30

All quiet on the western front...

Yes, I am still knitting - mostly handknitting at the moment though. Doesn't stop my brain planning MK projects though - another one-piece Bill King cardigan to replace the white one that unfortunately got involved with some purple nail varnish and had to be thrown out. But this version will be modified to have proper sleeves, with some shaping. Need to swatch that bit!

Managed to pop into Coventry Knit Wits last night at the same time as a parade for the local footie team, so only one other person showed up.

Currently dragging myself through "Sophie's World" - so glad I got the book for free. I can't understand why people really rate it on Amazon, the story is a two dimensional plot of a guy giving a teenage girl a short course in philosophy. Reading it because I've nothing else to hand and I'm bloody-minded, but not rating it!

Currently watching "Humans" and "The Handmaid's Tale" on Channel 4 - both excellent!

After refurbishing the carriage and an entire bed of needles for someone, I've had a heck of a time getting hold of her. The first number I had for her was completely wrong (other than the STD code), and then the second number I managed to switch the first digit. I swear the alzheimer's has started early. Luckily she read my mind and called me this morning. Off to put the machine back together on Saturday. Hurrah!

Current mood: happy

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