Thursday, April 16

FO: Rainbow wrap cardigan




To all those whining about lockdown - not being able to go shopping, to the gym, to the hairdressers. Yes, I agree to some extent. Of all things, I miss browsing in bookshops and WHSmiths, popping out for coffee and a naughty cake. This week I'm on enforced staycation, as the event I was attending on Wednesday was cancelled, and not even campsites are open at the moment. But I say - the house is a lot bigger than a coffin. If you have craft skills, or indeed, any hobby you've been meaning to get to - now is the perfect time!

With that in mind, this cardigan was planned late last year - originally based on the Lucy"coatigan", I had intended it to be longer, but 50g balls of Noro don't make stripes that long, alas. After a false start with a boring 2x2 rib, I realised I could use "sew as you go" for all the strips, so the body is made in one piece of 12 strips, with a simple tubular hem with latched edge. Likewise the sleeves. The reason for making it out of 24s wide strips is that I love the slow colour changes of this yarn, and the wider the strip, the shorter the stripes are (you can see that in the sleeve heads). I added buttons so that the fronts can be closed up one way or the other, so there are 3 ways to wear the cardigan - I love garments that have options. I didn't fancy adding fringe - though it would have made it look "wild west" - so added tubular bands to the front edges too. It's cozy for the cool spring nights we're having here. On reflection, making it longer would also have made it heavier, and almost 800g of yarn is enough for anyone to carry around :) Because I love anything colourful, it is 16 different shades of Noro Kureyon. With the exception of the sleeve seams, the whole cardigan has been joined on the machine (Brother KH260 chunky).

The yarn, being 100% wool, has been spit-spliced whenever knots came up. I've made the leftovers into a magic ball in the same fashion, not quite sure what I will do with it yet, probably felt it and decide when I see what size piece I get. Excuse the expression on my face, my partner was larking about with the camera and I'm looking into the sun.

The weather has been really nice for early spring, and we've been for lots of local walks where I got to take some lovely pictures of bluebells, the only other thing I was really hankering after this week - Badby village is famous for the bluebell wood, but it's much further than we ought to be travelling at the moment.

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