Wednesday, June 10

Broken threads


Seemed somewhat appropriate in these troubled times - put my weaving loom back up and one of the threads, which already wasn't threaded correctly, is now broken. I am blaming the cat for this, but I suspect it might have been a table leg or something.


My poor Swiss Miss has a rechargeable battery that is on its last legs - luckily, 36 hours of electricity and I managed to reset it. A new battery will be required, but I'd rather wait until lockdown as it involves de-soldering the old one and re-soldering a new one, and if that goes wrong I can't take it to a repair shop at the moment. Knitted this back before I started work this morning, but not happy with 4ply at ss8 - it's too sloppy a knit.

Learning to be grateful for small victories - a lovely delivery of haberdashery from Empress Mills this morning, which included a lovely rainbow-themed card which really brightened my day. It's kind of nice to order something at the moment - items being a little delayed means that they come as a lovely surprise. Gifts to oneself.

Current mood: awake

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