Thursday, June 18

Lockdown learning

Well, there's no time like the present when it comes to learning a new skill. I cannot remember how long I've been in possession of the E6000, but it's been a while - at least 2007? And I've never really gotten to grips with it, because it's delicate plastic, because I'm never sure what stitch size to use, because it seems hellbent on being awkward - you name it, I've excused it. Well, it's high time it (and by it, I mean I!) shaped up, figured it out or moved it on. It takes up too much space in the craft room if it's not going to get used as anything more than a pussycat hiding place.

blue tuck passap

See above, a sleeve and a back. The safety pins are holding dropped stitches in position on the wrong side - this isn't some sort of weird punk thing. I will be repairing them tonight. I think I've established I can't knit as fast as I would like on the Swiss Miss - because I was increasing every six rows for the sleeves, and keeping an eye on end pushers (they have to be raised so as not to tuck the end stitch, which can cause problems) - and no stitches were dropped AT ALL. Just because I can knit fast, doesn't mean I should. Lesson #2 learnt I guess! Lesson #1 was going back to PROG when the pushers decided to stop working - in case anyone is keeping count!

Next time, a cut and sew neck! Wish me luck! The weather looks perfectly horribly damp out, so a perfect excuse to stay indoors methinks...

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