Sunday, June 28

More lockdown learning

It's not been a great week. I reached out to someone I'd lost touch with a few weeks back; it was genuinely just a "how are you?" kind of thing, no ulterior motive. Alas, the friend immediately assumed I was after something, seems to think I used her and that our whole friendship was a sham. I guess we are no longer friends. I doubt she reads my blog but it's such a pity. We didn't get to meet very often (my weekends were always so full pre lockdown!) but when we did, we had such a giggle. I really thought I'd connected with this person. I have such rotten luck with female friends. I guess I must be a really bad judge of character. She's going through an awful time and lashed out at me. Good manners cost nothing though, and if you can't say anything nice, say nothing - those are two of my main tenets. So I'll say no more, other than, I will make more of an effort to try and stay in touch with people in future. I could also aim to arrange the next meeting with someone, because if it's in my diary I'll move heaven and earth to make it, but if it's not, days slip into weeks slip into months...

Now the most aggravating thing is that my sleep is messed up again. Normally it would fix itself a week or so after the return to BST, but lockdown and money worries put paid to THAT. It had just about sorted itself lately. Unjust accusations are now rolling around my head. Oh well.

I HAD planned to do a test knit for a Ravelry friend on the Passap later on today (it's gone 3am), but now I'm not sure I'll have enough energy and concentration to fight with the Swiss Miss. Bearing in mind I'm still working the 9-5 from home, and we spent most of yesterday doing garden things, I'm annoyed to have my hobby potential reduced, even by half a day. My personal play time is very precious to me, because there's so very little of it!

Current mood: annoyed

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