Friday, May 20

Summer startitis

Gosh, didn't realise it had been almost a month since my last post. Well, we have been engaged in no-kitchen eating out, decorating, sorting through kitchen stuff, and trying to freecycle unwanted kitchen items. There's not been that much to report.

See all those projects in that bag over there? Yes? Let's start something else instead... This is the definition of startitis.


Drops Pauline cardigan back in progress. Part of me wishes I'd skipped the every 4th row purl stitch bit, but it does give me the motivation to knit just another 4 rows, so maybe it's not so bad. The cardigan has lacey inserts on the collar and on the sleeves, I might knit a sleeve next just to keep myself engaged with it. Acres of almost stocking stitch is not my forte.


Granny square blanket, diagonally joining as I go. This one kind of fits in with the destashing - leftover yarn ends make great granny squares, and sometimes the prettiest squares come from the combination of thinner yarns (though they can sometimes be the hardest to work, as the yarn tangles more)... There's something about granny squares, they are a bit like Pringles, you can't just stop at one. I'm just working 6 rounds and then when I have enough for a diagonal, crocheting another stripe of squares together. The joining method was inspired by a puzzle from a book I had as a child, how to draw a grid without crossing lines and taking the pencil off the paper the least amount of times. I'm sure it's not a new idea though! If I had planned it, I could have randomised the squares a little better, but it is what it is. It will progress as I have cone ends to use up. The fun thing about crochet is how fast it grows.

The kitchen is now at the painting stage. I can confirm I have cream emulsion on various parts of my body - by the time I'd got it off all the brushes and rollers, it had set on me! There is a new roller blind on order, and the last thing to organise is getting a bifold door and finding a carpenter to fit it. The fitters from Wickes were very good, I would definitely use them again.

Freegle is very trying at times - 90% of the people on there are lovely and genuine - we passed our dishwasher and fridge onto grateful recipients. The other 10% seem to think it's some sort of free version of Amazon - not only do they expect the item for free, they expect it to be delivered. We're not far from a bus route. You want it, come get it (and BTW it's still not 12 months since my seizure, so therefore I am still off the road). The only exception I made was to deliver a table to a lady with two small kids and an incapacitated husband who couldn't leave them unattended. I'm sorry, but "plz can u deliver" with no explanation butters no parsnips with me. I'm just waiting patiently on another Warwickshire Air Ambulance label, and what hasn't gone already can go to them. I'm fed up of having a pile of kitchen stuff in the living room, so this weekend's task is to sort through what goes into the attic and what goes into the garage to be passed on.

We have the added complication of the local bin men going on strike, just when we could really use them taking away the leftover house stuff that didn't make it into the skip bag. To be fair, they've only dropped the recycling and green bin collections, but they are the fullest and of course it's the season for gardening so the green bin is already full and I've more weeding to do. I hope they sort it out soon. I suspect most folks will stop recycling this week as there's just nowhere else to put it.

Our offices officially reopened this week after nine months of refitting. It's not bad, though my window seat turned out to be a whole 4" of window. Still, someone was moaning they were too hot by their window so perhaps I got lucky in the end! I'm still dependant on getting a lift in with a coworker when possible. It's surprising how much thought has to go into planning a trip when you know the train is involved. I must wear comfortable shoes, to enable running for the train, and can only take or wear what I can carry. No loading the boot and taking too much into the office. I am known for taking the kitchen sink sometimes!

Last coat of paint tonight hopefully. Fingers crossed - covering up apple green is quite tricky!

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Thursday, April 21

Kitchen smitchen

Well, the house is still in uproar - the kitchen is full of half-assembled cabinetry. We've had no oven since Monday, and no hob or sink since Tuesday. Which actually isn't that bad - we've got a microwave/oven/grill combo thing, and a friend lent us an electric ring just in case, but so far we've eaten out a few times and had a few nukeable ready meals. It's taking shape anyway, and so far no major issues. Sad to say Eddie has such a subtle presence on this household that we've not really missed him; it's been nice sleeping through the night without being woken by a destructive feline demanding he knows not what at 2am. The weather has stayed fine all week which is good, as the fitter is cutting pieces to fit on the front lawn. I *am* missing the luxury of having a bath not full of kitchen kit. It's kind of handy to have half the kitchen in the dining area - saves time when making coffee!

I've not got much knitting to show at the moment, because sans washing machine I can't wash and block a few finished items. I have got a few MK blankets on the go, and wanted to make the (probably obvious) point that I mostly only post successful projects on here. Some folks are of the opinion that, because it's a machine, everything works first time and doesn't end up in a pile of yarn vomit. Far from it - even with 22 years of experience, in machine knitting, sometimes I'm still the statue and sometimes the pigeon.

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Monday, April 11

Some almost finished objects...


Almost finished a shawl! I'll either play yarn chicken, or I'll use the leftover yarn for a fringe.


Almost finished a cardigan on the Passap! I found this cone of Grigna-like yarn in the inventory last week. Not enough to make a cardigan for me, it's awaiting the addition of a shawl collar. I will probably knit that "as I go" on the machine, and then hope I can very gently steam it a bit flatter. For the charity pile!


Almost finished a Christmassy top (and yes, I know it's April!). The fabric called to me, what can I say? It's almost finished, because I need to tidy up loose ends and possibly do some overstitching on the sleeves. There are some mistakes on here but I did run it up in a few hours Friday night... I surely need to lose some weight though, it looks really big when it's not being worn.

The house is in uproar, as the necessary kitchen items are now in the dining end of the living room, and the unneccessary kitchen items are in the bath or the attic. There is another kitchen, flat-packed, in the garage. Pray for us and our ability to cook on a loaned electric ring and the microwave for the next two weeks (and not give ourselves food poisoning)...

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Sunday, April 3

New toy

PXL_20220402_142130742 PXL_20220402_142136144 PXL_20220402_153716355

I ordered a 3d printed cylinder for my Imperia a 60/30 with ribber - a late birthday treat for myself - from one of the Kegworth seminar attendees, Eric Sharp. They arrived on Saturday, and I got to play with them! I made a rather loose sock, so the stitch size needs adjusting - I should also have oiled the CSM whilst the cylinder was out because it kept sticking at a certain spot. Very pleased with it anyway! As the Cog was away this weekend I took the opportunity to do an inventory of my yarn stash, my Ravelry inventory is now mostly up to date.


I seem to have an entire tote of "trophy" yarn, these are Italian fancies - I must think of a suitable project for them really!

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Monday, March 28

FO: Grinda MAL shawl


Made for a friend who is on maternity leave. Some fudging of the pattern - I followed the diagrams but couldn't spot my mistakes! Post-dated blog post so as not to spoil the surprise!

Wednesday, March 23

Black chenille

Yes, thanks to GDPR and head office rules, almost nobody outside my immediate department knows I hit a milestone birthday today, and that it's the THIRD one working from home (mentally shakes fist at COVID). A nice way to make someone feel forgotten/invisible. Let's just say my mood has been pretty dark lately. I never thought I'd be grateful for Facebook. Every day's a school day! Oh well, I had a few nice bunches of flowers and chocs. We're going for a nice meal later, though I am not sure how drunk I dare get, as I've got to go into the office tomorrow for my annual appraisal. 

So anyway, I thought I'd pretty much knitted up all the black chenille, two sweaters down, and that I could start planning sweaters with yarn that I would actually keep to wear myself! But no such luck - two more cones of chenille have come to light. They will be scarves, and then I can properly suffer from startitis. Sewing it up is like trying to sew the night so no more jumpers out of it for me! 

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Wednesday, March 16

Going round in Circles '22


Not sure whose machine this was, but it intrigued me. More CSM pics on the flickr if you're interested!

Well, this was pretty much the last event I attended in 2020 before the world turned upside down with COVID. So it was a nice surprise to find out it was running again. Initially I didn't think I could attend, as we were due to have our kitchen ripped out next weekend, so last weekend was going to be "move the kitchen contents into the living room or attic". Didn't think I'd be able to relax with that going on! Anyway, there was lots of lovely yarn, lots of familiar faces (and new ones), and I taught my usual how to cast on with the ribber. I also made the second sock above - made it harder for myself by ribbing the foot, normally the base of the foot is left plain. Oops! Oh well! This is NOT a sock for a beginner! Briefly caught up with a chap who is 3D printing cylinders and ribbers, before he had to go home with COVID. Damn virus stalks us everywhere, coming up to pandemic birthday number three now, I am NOT amused!

Many thanks to all who organised it, think we raised quite a bit of money for Ruddington Museum. 

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