Thursday, October 13

Adventures with Bond

Well, I unpacked the Bond I acquired earlier in the week. G was not too impressed - I sold a weavemaster, and came back with an even bigger box!

First impression - I couldn't figure out what all the coloured bits of card were for - luckily I didn't chuck them out. The needles don't have a fixed stop like a Brother machine, they just slide back and forth freely, so the cards are used to line them up. Got a bit of knitting going quite quickly, and I have to say I'm quite impressed! The design's pretty sturdy and will last indefinitely - probably even longer than my Brother, which needs sponge bars.

I don't think I'll be able to use it on my lap downstairs, as was the plan - it still needs to be clamped down really, and the downstairs dining table has a bevelled edge, which makes it unsuitable. Having said that, it nicely fills in the gap between my two machines - double knitting always appears a bit too tight on the standard, and a bit holey on the chunky.

I'm not getting any more machines. I promise. Well, apart from a standard electronic at some point.

I've gained some rather loud orange DK wool which is going into another charity tee top - well, there's only 200g so not enough for an adult-sized garment. Have converted a hand-knit pattern, have to see how it comes out as I was far too impatient to knit a full tension swatch - but am making the smallest size, so as long as it is bigger, it'll be fine!

I think I'm going to like the Bond...

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