Sunday, November 13

Regional meeting

Went to the first regional meeting of the MK Guild in Long Buckby yesterday. It was smashing! Resisted buying much, mainly because buying a new sponge bar for the chunky machine was £16 and that pretty much cleaned me out ready cash-wise. Met some smashing people, and Iris Bishop gave a very interesting talk about things she was trying with her machine - and nearly all of it was single bed work, too. Very interesting.

Got a cat-tail brush, need to give the machines a good clean if I ever get a few hours to myself to do it! Decided to frog all the not-successful projects, and make lots of charity sweaters, to use up all the part cones. G wants a jumper, too. Busy busy busy!

Just set up the new electronic machine today, quite impressed, the 60st pattern thing is pretty easy to use. Haven't had a go with the pattern extender yet, that looks a bit more complicated. Got to leave the Brother out so that I can keep up with my MK course, too - not that I'm not already miles ahead anyway! :)

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