Wednesday, November 9

Thomas the tank engine pt3

This MK stuff is really quite frustrating, you know.

(1) Finished the Thomas jumper, only to realise there was something wrong with the raglan decreases, and the front was all bunched up.

(2) Remounted the sleeves and made them straight, remounted the back and front and made them a boat neck

(3) About to link the pieces, and the front is shorter than the back by the length of the welt (about 32 rows I think).

So - the half hour spent tonight was totally wasted, plus I have back-ache now to boot!


Anonymous said...

On the raglan sleeve thing- you can push the empty end needle (the one that's just lost it's stitch) into holding position and gain a little extra ease on the yarn. You get a little wrap, push the needle back into NWP and the extra yarn will just be absorbed into the row.

Oh yes, make sure you have a claw weight hung at the very edge of the work and move it up regularly, that helps stop things tightening up as well.

steelbreeze said...

Thanks, anonymous, that's a good tip!