Tuesday, December 20

Garter carriage woes

Well, after another 30 rows of frustration, changed needles etc, the garter carriage is back in its box, which seems to be the best place for it. All the folks that talk of setting it off in the morning, and coming home to an afghan? Lucky them, is all I can say. For a start, when approaching from the right side, it only wants to knit the first six stitches - so I have to have it set to <--. Then, after it has got started, I can switch it to <=>. Far more trouble than it is worth, believe me, and certainly not a piece of kit I can leave unattended. I need the jumpers making before xmas, not after!

So - slip stitch cardi it is, and hopefully this time the yarn'll hold out. *fingers crossed*


dianne.lam@btinternet.com said...

That is so sad.. your G-Car must be poorly.. they do usually chugg on for 1000 rows or more.. do get it checked over and don't give up !

Rachael said...

I find if I run mine at a slower speed it works far better and can be left for ages. Worth a try maybe?

steelbreeze said...

Unfortunately, it was acting weird at the slowest speed too - running it faster just meant it got a bit more knitting done, albeit with dropped stitches. I also read somewhere that you need all 200 needles present and correct, and they are. *gloom*