Monday, February 13

I suspect frogging is on the horizon...

Well, nearly finished the first long sleeve of the ballet cardigan, only to be confronted with the fact that, the sleeve takes over one ball of yarn, I've only one ball of yarn left, and I need to knit a belt and the second sleeve yet. So I think I may have to unpick the whole sleeve, and make it a short-sleeved cardigan. It just goes to show, you can't always go by the weight of the wool. No, there weren't any ball bands, so I've no idea what yardage you get per ball. Unpicking mohair is a nightmare. Bah!

On the plus side, I made a dear little jumper with pink sleeves and intarsia hearts for baby Leah, I just need to bind in the ends. Also, I spent about 3 hours tackling my "to be unpicked" pile, and the white fair-isle jumper that came out too tight is now neatly back into cones. I made a tension swatch with some chunky blue and white yarn, which is probably going to be a jumper for Ben.

To be unpicked:

  • turquoise chenille jumper - raglans on arms are way too tight and some stitches have dropped

  • brown sock - came out too long by 16 rows

  • intarsia front for MK course project - way too long, think the knitleader might be in order

Not going to get much knitting done this week, as am on training in Holland midweek.

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