Sunday, March 26

Frustrated, but getting there...

Spent all morning yesterday messing around with a damaged machine at the machine knitting centre, then gave up in disgust. It's a good job machines are heavy, or it'd be out the window! Swapped to the 836, which is a good workhorse of a machine. One needle was so badly damaged I struggled to get it out, and then Kahlood had to help me get the sponge bar back in. Even then, there was something awry with needle 9, but I corrected it. Every twelve rows! I want extra credit for knitting in adverse conditions!

Finally got the back done, it looks good!

Also started making up the sideways knit snowflake top - the twisted ribs came out really well. We have to produce a wall presentation for our projects, not a book as I'd thought. Fame at last?! :)

On the HK front, I'm just decreasing for the toe for the first sock for G - tried it on him, and it fits a treat. Now, if I could just convert the pattern to work on a machine, I'd be chuffed!

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