Wednesday, April 5

Card 1

Had a bit of a play with card 1 last night. For anyone not in "the know", card 1 is the most basic card:


where 1 is not punched and 0 is punched. I was messing around with tuck and slip. Tuck with card 1 (especially double length) produces a fascinating waffle effect, almost like little hexagonal honeycombs, very 3D. Slip double length produces a fabric that appears woven on the purl side. I also had a play with two colour slip, which produces a maze-like effect on the knit side. MK never ceases to amaze me - the simplest patterns and techniques can produce amazing structures. And on the Brother you're not limited to all tuck or slip, either, as there are left and right cam buttons.

You could produce an entire jumper of different textures in one yarn. Hmm... maybe a thought for a future project. I have a small booklet somewhere that extols the many different patterns possible with card 1 - there were others published I gather.

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